The Old Red Lion

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Lunch menu


Home-made soup of the day with crusty bread                                                              £4.50


Sandwiches in brown bread with mixed salad garnish

 Beef; Ham                                                                                                                £4.50

 Salad; Cheese and pickles; cheese and tomatoes; cheese and onion; plain cheese           £4.00


Cheese and tomato; Cheese and onion; Ham and cheese; Ham and pineapple                 £4.75

Cheese and pineapple; bacon and mushroom; prawn and cream cheese                          £4.75

Prawn open sandwich                                                                                                £5.90

Beef open sandwich                                                                                                   £5.90

Ploughman’s lunch (cheddar or stilton)                                                                   £5.50

Patés are available, with toasties – see blackboard menu

Hot meals

Deep fried chicken with chips or jacket potatoes                                                         £8.00

Deep fried scampi with home-made tartar sauce and chips or jacket potato                  £8.50

Omelettes with chips or jacket potato

 Cheese                                                                                                                      £7.00

 Ham, mushroom, mixed                                                                                              £7.50

 Prawn                                                                                                                        £8.00

Freshly prepared mixed salad to accompany your meal                                           £4.50

For specials take a look at the blackboard next to the bar

Dinner menu


King prawns in a creamy garlic sauce                                                                          £6.00

Medley of fresh fruits with blackcurrant sorbet                                                           £4.00

Herby mushroom crêpes in a blue cheese sauce                                                       £4.50


Avocado vinaigrette                                                                                                   £4.00

Smoked salmon roulade with prawns                                                                           £5.65

Home-made soup of the day with crusty bread                                                           £4.50

Patés as available – see blackboard menu next to the bar  

Main course

Fried pigs liver, bacon and onion gravy                                                                       £11.50

Lamb chops in a savoury sauce                                                                                    £14.00

Pork tenderloin with blue cheese sauce                                                                      £12.25

Gammon steak, pineapple or egg and chips                                                                £10.50

Anne’s steak and kidney pie                                                                                         £11.50

Chicken breast with parma ham and mozzarella cheese                                            £12.00

Lasagne and salad                                                                                                        £10.25

Spicy tiger prawns with rice and salad                                                                        £11.00

Half a roast duckling with orange sauce                                                                     £16.00

Grilled sirloin steak                                                                                                      £18.25

Grilled fillet steak                                                                                                         £20.25


Selection of fish and meat dishes of the day from the blackboard menu

Vegetarian dishes available – please ask for details

Main courses are served with fresh vegetables or a mixed salad

Steaks are served with a choice of green peppercorn sauce or mushroom and red wine sauce


Home-made sweets of the day                                                                                    £5.00

Choice of Lovington’s ice creams                                                                                £5.00

Cheese board with biscuits                                                                                          £6.00

Cafelière and cream (decaffeinated available)                                                              £2.00

Pot of tea (Earl grey or Miles’s Indian)                                                                          £1.50

Sunday roast lunch

Two course lunch plus Cafelière and cream                                                                £16.50

Main course only                                                                                                           £11.75